Shorter Stories about the Story

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Special Circumstances is a story about very specific events involving the main characters.  But those characters exist in a larger world populated with supporting characters who live their own lives and have their own needs and concerns.  As I developed this novel, I found many tangential stories about those characters and the setting that I needed to explore to make the larger novel more rounded and complete.  These stories didn’t fit into the novel itself, but they provide more depth to their characters, especially those that might not feature prominently.

The stories below are not from my novel, but they are around the novel, if that makes any sense.  Bits of insight into how the characters in the novel became who they are.  Some stories are from times before the novel, some are during the novel, one or two may be from after this novel but before the next (yes, there I have more novels in the works with these characters).  Please enjoy these stories and glimpses into the characters’ lives they provide.

Travis Has A Decision To Make

Jake Decides


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